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SERVICE INTERRUPTION - Monday 29th November 2021

Due to the storms over the weekend, we lost all access to the farm with trees being felled with both entrances being blocked. Lucikly, Colin and Barbara were able to get someone to remove them from the roads and access was available yesterday. To our complete astonishment, the polytunnels all survived. 

However, the telephone pole was also brought down and we're without phone or internet access. This may take some time to fix. 

It was discovered this morning that there is no electricity on the farm, which makes working there impossible for me, so Matthew brought the computer from the office to my home so I'm working from my 'office'. I'm able to get a good amount done, but there are some limitations and there are logistical issues that arise from this. We have no idea when this will be fixed, but we're trying to get an estimate. 

We hope to have our eggs delivered this afternoon or tomorrow morning and we're also waiting to hear if there have been difficulties getting our European produce and whether they'll be on time or if they'll be delayed. 

If there's a delay this may impact deliveries, but we'll inform everyone by email. In the meantime, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed!