Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I pay?

Once you have created an account and created your order you will be taken to a secure payment portal where you will be asked for your card details. ApplePay and Google Pay are also available. Payment is taken in advance of your box being delivered. 


What if I need to suspend my box for the week?

If you wish to suspend your box for the week we require to be notified no later than Friday before your delivery is due. You can also suspend it by logging into your account.  If you wish to cancel later than this you will need to email the office. 

  1. If you cancel after the Friday deadline you will be charged half the price of the box. 
  2. If you cancel on Tuesday of delivery week or later, the box is fully chargeable as all processing and paperwork is done on Tuesday and this is when packing starts. 
  3. If you give the box back to the driver to take away, you will be fully charged for the box. 
In such cases, we advise donating your box to a family member or neighbour to save the produce going to waste, while avoiding a charge for a box you won’t be able to use.

I’m going away on holiday, can I suspend my order?

Absolutely, you can do this by logging into your account. See above for deadlines. This is to avoid unnecessary waste going on the compost heap and loss of income for the co-operative. 

I wish to cancel my box permanently, how much notice should I give?

We require 2 weeks' notice of cancellation. 

Box Contents

What can I expect from my box?

We don't discard items that are ugly, misshapen. Nor do we discard bruised items, as that's a waste of good food that can be cut around. Please note that items can get bruised in the box when being delivered. This is to be expected. Wilted veg can be revived by plunging in ice-water for an hour - discard any bits that are discoloured first. You can expect to receive some items covered in dirt. It's too time-consuming to wash veg and washing can bring its own problems such as shortening the life of the item. Dirt is good and is nature's preservative! 

You can also expect items you've never seen or heard of. We provide recipes on the back of the invoice, but you can get in touch if you don't know what to do with something. The internet is also a great resource for recipes! You can expect to get items you might never choose or that you might not like the look of. This is your chance to try it, and sometimes you will be amazed! Finally, you can expect some items not to last as long as their supermarket counterparts because there are no additives or preservatives but, on the whole, they have a good shelf life.

At certain times of the year, you can expect a lot of similar items due to the seasonal nature of growing. This means you could be eating cauliflower for 2 months. It can feel a little repetitive but this is the nature of farming and this is when customers need to get creative with recipes. Canning, pickling and making chutneys are a good way to use up and store veg for later months when those items are unavailable. Freezing veg is also a good way to use the veg right away. 

It is very important that customers take these matters into consideration when buying fresh organic produce. If you expect otherwise, then perhaps supermarket shopping is more suited to you.

Should I wash my veg?

Yes, you should always give your veg a wee wash just before eating due to possible harmful bacteria. This is very important as some produce is grown using animal manures.

Can I specify that I only want locally grown produce?

We include as much locally grown produce as possible and we will always prefer that over buying produce in, but we cannot guarantee it, particularly during the Hungry Gap in late winter and spring. During this time we try to source produce from our local suppliers, and then we cast our net over the UK and Europe. However, it will always be organic.

Can I change my order?

Yes - just let us know by Friday of the week before delivery. You can also do this by logging into your account. 

Can I change the contents of my box?

In box schemes we choose the contents for you. We plan our boxes based on the produce we have and what's in season and this allows us to run the scheme more efficiently. It also allows us to keep the cost of the box down as they'd be double the price if we had a completely bespoke system.  However, we have a Produce section where you can choose extra fruit and veg to add onto your order. 

Can I exclude items from my box?

You may exclude up to two items from your box at any time. To do more than that is costly to administer. If you have allergies or an illness, please get in touch to discuss this with staff. 

I don't want a box. Can I just buy the veg I want?

It is not possible to buy a custom box due to the time it takes to administer, which requires extra staff, and is extremely costly to run for a small box scheme operator. You can, however, add extra items to your box which we charge over and above your box. This depends on availability and we may require notice the week before delivery. 

I don't want veg, can I order a fruit box only?

Yes, but you must order a minimum of £10, and a £3 delivery charge will be added.

What if I'm not happy with something in my box?

While we do our best to give you the freshest veg possible there will be times when something is missed or doesn't live up to your expectations. If you do have any issues you must notify us immediately. We also ask you to provide photographs. We cannot act upon complaints weeks after receiving them.


What time will my box arrive?

We cannot give a specific time as the number of deliveries vary on a week-to-week basis.

What happens if I’m not at home?

You can leave delivery instructions when placing your order telling us where you’d like the box left – in a Wendy house, a shed, boot of your car at work, under a bush even! Yes, we do get such requests! If you live in a flat and have a buzzer entry system, you may like to provide a door entry key/fob. You can let us know via email, phone or via our contact page.

Please note that it is your responsibility to take your box in, and you should know what day your delivery is scheduled for. We will leave the box in an agreed-upon place if one is given, but we cannot be held responsible for what happens after it has been left. If you live in a tenement block it is important to supply us with details of where we can leave the box. We cannot take responsibility if the box is stolen. If you wish to provide a cover for the box, please let us know that you have left one out.

Where and when do you deliver?

We deliver to all areas of the city and cover many areas of Aberdeenshire from Wednesday to Friday, delivering to specific areas each day. 

On site

Do you have a farm shop? 

No, we are simply a box scheme operator and our service is delivery based.

Can I visit the farm?

Normally, no. The farm is a working site, busy with tractors and other farm vehicles. The farm track is not suitable for visitors and is particularly hazardous in the winter as it gets very icy and is, therefore, a health and safety issue. As such, we do not encourage visitors to the farm. There are occasions when people are unable to have their boxes delivered and can only be picked up. This must be done by arrangement and is not something that can be done regularly. However, we reserve the right to refuse.