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Weather chaos causes further disruption to the farm

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Once again, the weather has caused huge problems for us, with significant damage being caused on the farm. Lots of trees have been uprooted taking the telephone pole with it and snapping it in half. We've lost power as well. The polythene covering two of the polytunnels have been completely destroyed, although, I haven't seen all of the tunnels. Thankfully, the frames appear to be ok and our propagation tunnel seem to have taken little or no damage. An engineer will be on site within the next hour to assess the damage, but as we will need a new pole it is going to take some time. Obviously as there is no power, delays to service should be expected as it will be more difficult for staff to sort, count and pack veg. I will work from home, which will also cause some delays but we will try to minimise disruption as much as possible and I'll keep everyone posted as best I can.