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Organic Flour

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We are absolutely delighted to have teamed up with Mungoswells Malt & Milling to bring you fantastic flour that is not only organic but is grown, milled and packaged in East Lothian.

Mungoswells logo

The mill is run by the McDowall family, with Major Andrew McDowall inventing the world's first electric tractor in the 1920s! Some of the early wheat seeds from the 1800s are being multiplied at the moment to give us a flavour of the past, which it is hoped we will get a taste of once they are ready for milling!

A view over the fields at Mungoswells
The McDowall fields

Their flour has dark flecks in it coming from the bran, and which you won't see in commercial flours, but which is more wholesome than processed white flours. If you wish to read more information, please visit their website at

Alison (miller) and Michael (trainee miller) in the mill
Alison (miller) and Michael (trainee miller)

If you wish to purchase flour, it is available upon request for the moment, but will shortly be added as an extra on the order form page.


1.5kg Plain White Organic Flour £3.45
1.5kg Self-Raising Organic Flour £3.55
1.5kg Strong White Bread Flour £3.45
1.5kg Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour £3.20

16kg sacks can also be provided, please ask for details.