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Huge increase in organic sales

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Fantastic news as organic sales have increased by 6.1% for May 2019 to May 2020, with sales up a whopping 18.7% during lockdown up to the end of May! This is to be expected given that the majority of the country has been staying at home and/or self-isolating. We welcome the news that people are revising how they shop with a sharper focus on sustainability, access and personal health. While we welcome such positive news, we must also be cautious about how this will translate in the long-term once everything returns to normal. With less time to spend on cooking once people return to work properly, this is likely to impact upon sales. There is also the economic impact to be considered and we are obviously concerned that there will be further job losses, which will mean people having to choose between more expensive organic produce and cheaper pesticide-laden food. It's not something any of us wish for and we firmly believe that it's a travesty that people have to make such a choice - health v budget. We are lucky to have been the beneficiaries of the increase in people opting for organic produce and it is wonderful to see people enjoying not only the improved flavour but also the variety of veg in their boxes, as well as the surprise. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, although we've not been without our challenges during what has been a particularly tough period. Costs have been substantially higher and shortages still continue on a weekly basis, but we've been able to weather it for the most part and customers have been greatly supportive through it all. What we can do as a business is to do our best to ensure good quality, organic produce and a personal service and let it speak for itself.