This Week's Veg

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Fruit and veg available for delivery for the week beginning 16th September.
Local and Scottish produce is marked with an asterisk *.


Bulbs Roots Brassicas Fruiting Veg
White Onions* Red Onions Shallots Garlic Spring Onions* Potatoes* Carrots* Ginger Turmeric Sweet Potatoes Celery* Fennel Cauliflower* Broccoli* Kohlrabi* Green Kale* Black Kale* Red Cabbage* Mini-Cucumber* Loose Tomatoes Cherry tomatoes Aubergine Courgette* Round Courgettes* Green Pepper Ramiro Pepper Avocado Butternut Squash Red pumpkin
Leafy Legumes Cereal Herbs
Iceberg Lettuce* Oakleaf Lettuce* Red Salad Bowl Lettuce* Little Gem Lettuce* Cerbiatta Lettuce* Spinach* Tah Tsai* Chicory French Beans* Mange Tout* Flat Beans* Alfalfa Mixed Beansprouts Sweetcorn Chives* Sage* Coriander*


Hard Citrus Stone Soft/Berry Other
Delcorf Apples Early Windsor Oranges Grapefruit Lemon Plums Banana Pears White Italian Grapes Kiwi Galia Melon
Please note that these items are subject to change.